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Original Watercolors and Oils, Giclee Prints



Oil on Canvas

16 x 16"


From the same garden as "Sign of Spring", this shows more of the amaryllis blossoms, which were layered in rows. For a few short weeks each spring, these blossoms blanket the landscape in Houston.







"Sign of Spring"

Oil on Canvas

16 x 16"


This beautiful amaryllis is from a garden I saw on my way to work everyday. The white blossom sparkled in the early morning sunlight, and begged to be painted.






Tickled Pink

Oil on Linen

11 x 14"


Pink Hollyhocks glowing in the Canadian summer sunlight. The cooler light lets these pink blossoms pop!






Made in the Shade

Oil on Panel

8 x 8"


Pink Hollyhocks in cool summer shade, the colors just hum together! The light in Canada always seems cooler, and colors are crisp, and different. Not that the grass is greener, but the sky is actually bluer!!





Peach Hollyhocks

Oil on Panel

6" x 8"


Hollyhocks remind me of growing up in Canada - cooler summers are perfect for this flower. They would grow in stocks  up to 8 feet high if the conditions were good. 





Back to School!


Watercolor and Drawing classes for adults and young adults! I am back teaching painting and drawing! The classes will be at the beautiful new location of Upper Bay Frame and Gallery at 2450 East Main Street in League City, right beside the Subway, across the street from Clear Creek Intermediate School. Check out all the classes offered at Upper Bay Frame and Gallery, and look under the "Classes" link on the left.





Mayan Monkey at the Met


The display of gold Mayan artifacts was captivating, all that sparkle and light! I entered this one for consideration in the American Watercolor Society's 2014 Show. Fingers crossed!




Brussels Details


The architectural details of Brussels are something I return to again and again. The lines and textures all melt into abstract imagery when zoomed in on. Minimal color, maximum values.


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